for T5 & T8 led tube

Grille Lamp Plate

The lamp panel is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate. The surface is processed with pickling phosphating treatment, spray painted and spray powder processed. It is anti-rust and corrosion resistant.

typemodelspecificationdimension (mm)cut off size (mm)
T5 recessedpika-q228mi2x4ft1198x298x501175×275
T5 recessed pika-q328mi3x4ft1198x598x501175×575
T5 recessedpika-q428mi4x4ft1198x598x501175×575
T5 recessedpika-q214mi2x2ft598x298x50575×275
T5 recessedpika-q314mi3x2ft598x598x50575×575
T5 recessedpika-q414mi4x2ft598x598x50575×575
t5 surface mountpika-x228mi2x4ft1198x298x50na
t5 surface mountpika-x328mi3x4ft1198x598x50na
t5 surface mountpika-x428mi4x4ft1198x598x50na
t5 surface mountpika-x214mi2x2ft598x298x50na
t5 surface mountpika-x314mi3x2ft598x598x50na
t5 surface mountpika-x414mi4x2ft598x598x50na
t8 surface mountpika-x220ji2x2ft598x298x75na
t8 surface mountpika-x320ji3x2ft598x598x75na
t8 surface mountpika-x420ji4x2ft598x598x75na
t8 recessedpika-q220ji2x2ft598x298x75575×275
t8 recessedpika-q320ji3x2ft598x598x75575×575
t8 recessedpika-q420ji4x2ft598x598x75575×275
t8 surface mountpika-x240ji2x4ft1198x298x75na
t8 surface mountpika-x340ji3x4ft1198x598x75na
t8 surface mountpika-x440ji4x4ft1198x598x75na
t8 recessedpika-q240ji2x4ft1198x298x751175×275
t8 recessedpika-q340ji3x4ft1198x598x751175×575
t8 recessedpika-q440ji4x4ft1198x598x751175×575
grille lamp plate series

IP65 Tube Light Fixture

The light fixture body and cover are made of PC polycarbonate material. it is durable, impact resistant and does not change color easily.

t5 tube fixture – ip65pika-t5/1*2ftip65 fixture for single 2’t5 tube
t5 tube fixture – ip65pika-t5/2*2ftip65 fixture for double 2’t5 tube
t5 tube fixture – ip65pika-t5/1*4ftip65 fixture for single 4’t5 tube
t5 tube fixture – ip65pika-t5/2*4ftip65 fixture for double 4’t5 tube
t8 tube fixture – ip65pika-t8/1*2ftip65 fixture for single 2’t8 tube
t8 tube fixture – ip65pika-t8/2*2ftip65 fixture for double 2’t8 tube
t8 tube fixture – ip65pika-t8/1*4ftip65 fixture for single 4’t8 tube
t8 tube fixture – ip65pika-t8/2*4ftip65 fixture for double 4’t8 tube
tri-proof led tube fixture

Before you order

  1. Please note that all fixtures do not have induction or electronic ballast. Let us know if you need before ordering.
  2. Live and neutral connections are located at two sides of the fixture. If you need them to be at the same side, please request before order.
  3. The Grille Lamp Plate is Half Mirror type by default. Full mirror type is available on special request.